28-01-2021 | Cs

The deputy spokesperson of the GPCs points out that 'Vox has given Sánchez and Iglesias the key to the box of European funds so that they can spend them without control'

"The Government once again makes the wrong partners, being able to choose the stability of Ciudadanos." This was stated by the deputy spokesperson of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, during a press conference offered to the media in the Congress of Deputies, in relation to the vote on the Royal Decree on the approval of urgent measures for the modernization of the Public Administration and the execution of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

"We voted against this Royal Decree" on European funds "because it subjects their execution to the decision of the Council of Ministers without any control", which is "unacceptable" because it means "repeating Zapatero's disastrous 'Plan E' and opening the door to corruption "explained Bal, in addition to adding that" in the processing of the PGE and the reconstruction pacts, from Ciudadanos we highlighted the European model "that" is based on an independent agency. "With your vote, "An anti-European party" like "Vox has given Sánchez and Iglesias the key to the European funds box so that they can spend them uncontrollably," making them "responsible for what the Government does with European funds," he said. the spokesman for the GPCs, in addition to pointing out that "within the club of Government members we had ERC or Bildu, and now we find Vox.

On the Investigation Commission of the operation 'Kitchen', the deputy of the liberal formation has explained that "in the list of appearing presented by Citizens there are all the people who can bring light" and "there are not those people who would convert to this Commission in a media circus, we are not willing for citizens to "understand" that this is useless. "Citizens fight corruption at all times, whoever does it, we will never protect a corrupt person" said Bal, in addition to wondering "how it is possible that the PSOE list does not include Commissioner Villarejo, one of the undoubted protagonists of this story".

Regarding the granting of the third degree to the prisoners of the 'procés' in Catalonia, Bal has cataloged as "worrying news because the equality regime breaks" and as "shame" the "privileged treatment of those who skipped fundamental laws", all she also "at the gates of elections in Catalonia."

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