07-27-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesman of the GPCs assures that "depopulation is a worrying problem in the country" and regrets that "for 40 years, bipartisanship, with its need to rely on nationalism and its v

"The government's unpredictability regarding the management of outbreaks is causing very significant damage to the tourism sector and the Spain brand," said the deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, before the media during the Inauguration of the Press and Power summer university course with the exhibition 'La España emptied. A proposal from Citizens'.

"10 days ago we asked the Executive to take control of the situation in Catalonia and it has not done so," said Bal, who also explained that "there are the necessary legal tools for the declaration of coordinated actions by the Ministry of Health". The liberal deputy has described as "botched" the government's management of the outbreaks, "the Foreign Minister comes out to save the furniture in the diplomatic negotiation when they should have begun to negotiate with the countries around us much earlier and have given a correct information on how outbreaks are developing and solving, "he said.

At the same time, the deputy of the orange formation has referred to the "worrying problem of depopulation in Spain". "For 40 years, bipartisanship, with its need to rely on nationalism and its short-term vision of politics, has been the great culprit for not having invested the necessary funds to grant equal opportunities throughout the country," has regretted. According to Bal, "we are facing a historical moment in which we have obtained a European aid of 140,000 million and this problem has to be alleviated by applying part of this aid", so "Sánchez has the obligation to present some Budgets responsible, moderate and that provide solutions to the emptied Spain ", he asserted.

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