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The GPCs deputy spokesperson asks the government to 'not give arms to frugal countries so that they can withdraw European aid'

"The political agreement does save lives and jobs, we owe it to all the families who have lost loved ones." This was stated by the deputy spokesperson of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, during the Plenary of Congress on the declaration of the state of alarm in the Community of Madrid.

"I expected the Government to behave with the same loyalty of Citizens in the votes for the extension of the state of alarm, but they have let me down," acknowledged Bal, while he has disfigured the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, who in his speech he would not have pronounced "not once the word 'agreement' or 'consensus'". "The state of alarm in Madrid was avoidable and you know it, they have acted on purely political criteria, participating in the chaos and later appearing as saviors, this is populism," the orange deputy stressed, in addition to remembering that "we stepped up Aragon or Castilla-La Mancha were in delicate situations supporting the socalist governments of Page and Lambán, "who" came out to thank Citizens for their attitude. "

"Adopt uniform criteria for all of Spain, they will not be perfect but we will perfect them with good will and common sense" Bal has asked, while warning the Minister of Health that "if you go out every day changing the criteria, it seems that it is political" . Bal has also demanded that "do not use the situation derived from the pandemic to reform the General Council of the Judiciary" and "do not give arms to frugal countries so that they can withdraw European aid." "Mr. Illa, I know you cannot agree with that, we are risking it," asserted the deputy spokesperson for the GPCs.

"We have not been at the height of this House, I ask for reflection and self-criticism about our behavior, until now politics has failed. Mr. Illa, you ignore self-criticism and fall into self-talk. Promise me that this second wave will be a second chance for politics. Sleeping well is more important than being right, "concluded the deputy of the liberal formation.

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