04-09-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesman of the GPCs recalls the commitment that the liberal formation has started from the Government to suspend the presentation of the quarterly tax assessment of SMEs and autonomous

"The Reconstruction Pacts must serve to solve this crisis without ideology or populism," said the deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, in the debate on the extension of the State of Alarm that was held in the Plenary of Congress. Bal has asked the Prime Minister that the meeting announced by Pedro Sánchez for next week "be for real, to adopt agreements in good faith and to establish a national reconstruction plan, as Inés Arrimadas asked, not to appear in the photo" .

The GPCs deputy spokesman recalled that "Citizens is a state party and loyal, but demanding", so he has announced the affirmative vote of the liberal formation to extend the Alarm State until April 26, as requested by the Executive . "In us you will find loyalty, more than that of your partners, but we will demand responsibilities," he warned the head of the Executive, who has also asked him not to launch "balloon balloons to public opinion because that creates insecurity and fear" in the society.

"This is the hand that you have to imaginatively take and shake," said Bal, reaching out and looking at Sánchez. For the GPCs deputy spokesman, the Prime Minister "is on the right track when he rectifies." However, Bal has reproached him for "until now" having carried out "a policy against the consensus", even though he now sees him "wanting to change".

The deputy spokesman of the GPCs has affirmed that the Executive "has committed itself", thanks to the negotiation that the liberal formation has made with the Government, "to process all the Royal Decrees as Drafts of Law" so that the opposition can negotiate and introduce improvements. In addition, Bal recalled the commitment of the Executive with the proposal of Ciudadanos (Cs) to "recover the paid permission beyond December 31 and to suspend the presentation of the quarterly tax assessment of SMEs and self-employed."

Bal has also asked that "ERTEs can go beyond the duration of the Alarm State and that the approved measures distinguish according to the size of the company." He has also asked the Executive to "forgive the April quota for the self-employed."

"Confinement is the only medicine" against Covid-19, said the deputy spokesman for the GPCs, who also stated that "the State of Alarm is the immune system of the rule of law against the virus." In this sense, Bal has assured that Cs has a double objective: saving lives and saving jobs.

Regarding the plenary, the deputy spokesman for the GPCs has lamented that "the citizens have fulfilled their part of the deal" of confinement, "but the politicians have not respected it because the president of the Congress has not wanted to." Bal has regretted once again that, despite the existing technology, the plenary session was not held telematically in order not to endanger the health of the workers and to comply with the confinement.

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