10-21-2020 | Cs

The GPCs deputy spokesperson regrets that time is wasting instead of taking the opportunity to "provide solutions to the problems that concern Spaniards."

"This motion is useless and the speeches we have just heard are empty of content," said the deputy spokesperson for the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, during his speech at a press conference in which he referred to the debate on the motion of censure that is being held in the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies. "When this ends, we will find that not a single seat will have been eroded from the Frankenstein majority that supports the Government and, worst of all, we will continue to have the same problem because people will continue to die and no solutions will have been provided to the problems. that concern the Spanish ”, he added.

“We could have taken advantage of the government control session to stress the need for an independent committee of experts that can analyze the mistakes made in the first wave of the pandemic so that they do not repeat themselves or to talk about the pandemic and the crisis. that Spain suffers ”, insisted the Liberal deputy who has defined this motion of censure as“ opportunistic and partisan ”. Likewise, Bal has defended that "the modern vision that Cs of Spain has and the reforms that we want to propose, have nothing to do with the image that Vox of Spain has" therefore "we are not going to support this motion," he asserted.

Bal has also criticized that there are political groups that are dedicated to "increasing tension" when the orange formation intends the opposite, "to unite political forces to find solutions together" and has labeled "inadmissible" that from the Parliamentary Group Vox "try to ridicule the European Union." “When someone appears before the Spanish and tells them that he wants to be president of the Government, he has to present a program and offer solutions. Nothing about that has been heard here ”, concluded the deputy spokesperson for the GPCs.

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