06-24-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesman of the GPCs warns the second vice president that 'they do not fight for the workers, but they fight against the companies and that is to fight against the workers because without companies they will not

"We need consensus and you are dedicated to dynamiting them," deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, criticized the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, whom he has accused of being "incompetent in managing" the health crisis. According to Bal, the 'number three' of the Executive “has carried out a sectarian administration” because “he has said that the Community of Madrid has committed criminal acts when he pre-empted government measures” and because “he has used the Reconstruction Commission to call an opposition group a coupist. ”

In the session of control to the Government that has been celebrated in the Plenary session of the Congress, the attached spokesman of the GPCs has asked Churches about the measures of his ministry since March 19. "He must have a lot of missed, unanswered calls from people asking for help," Bal warned the second vice president.

The deputy from Ciudadanos (Cs) reminded Iglesias that "he has been a very irresponsible person" and that "he has not lived up to the responsibility that the Spanish people have shown" because "on March 12 he was quarantined as consequence of the positive of his partner "but" 48 hours later he went to the Council of Ministers and on March 19 he gave a press conference in Moncloa in which he said that he was the sole command of the residences and of all social policy " . "Irresponsibility, incompetence and civil war", Bal has summarized the management of churches.

In addition, Bal reminded the second vice president that he now does not support the Cs Against Corruption Law that "he previously supported" and that "they have withdrawn the status of victim" in the "Dina case" "because there were no state sewers." "Why has it taken so long to deliver the SIM and has it been delivered destroyed?", The GPCs deputy spokesman questioned the leader of Podemos in reference to that case of the theft of the mobile phone from an adviser to the purple formation.

Bal has also criticized Iglesias for wanting to repeal the labor reform in its entirety. "You do not fight for the workers, but you fight against the companies and that is to fight against the workers because without companies there is no employment," the deputy GPCs spokesman reprimanded the second vice president.

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