07-14-2020 | Cs

Citizens ask for the resignation of Vergés at the head of the Ministry of Health and requests a full monographic on health in the Parliament of Catalonia

“We ask Torra to comply with the law and Sánchez not to look the other way; the Government of Spain has to take control of the management of regrowths ”. This is what the spokesman for Citizens (Cs) in the Congress of Deputies Edmundo Bal has claimed, before the media, after meeting with members of the liberal formation in the Parliament of Catalonia, to analyze the situation of the outbreaks Covid-19 in this community. Bal has stated that "Torra has come too late to manage the regrowth" and urged Sánchez not to let more time pass because "he has tools in his hand to provide solutions, guarantee the safety, health and life of the Catalans "

Bal recalled that during the Covid-19 crisis, Ciudadanos has promoted agreements with other formations "we have made the effort to unite politicians to provide solutions" and criticized that this is not the attitude of the Government of the Generalitat: "Torra He has turned his back on us, has dispensed with the opposition and has sought division and confrontation, which is where he is most comfortable. ” And he has described as "ridiculous" that "in such a dramatic situation Torra says that the fault is Madrid's." "It is embarrassing to see how he does not think about the life, the jobs, or the future of the people for whom he governs" and he lamented that "the obsessions of separatism, and the moral miseries guide his hatreds and claims". Finally, Bal has urged Torra to govern with "good sense and not fanaticism" because, he said, "this is going to protect the life, health, employment and economy of all Catalans."

Likewise, during her speech the leader of Citizens in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, was concerned about the situation in Catalonia in the face of the increase in outbreaks. "We have been warning for weeks that we need foresight, take action, control the situation and learn from mistakes," he said. And in view of the lack of leadership of the Govern and the Health Department, he has asked for the resignation of Alba Vergés as head of the Ministry of Health. “Let us give way to those who do have solutions to deal with the crisis; We need someone to lead and we are willing to do it, "he assured.

Finally, the head of the Opposition in Catalonia and president of the Cs parliamentary group, Carlos Carrizosa, has announced the request for a full monographic on health so that “we can debate in depth about the health system, about how we plan to face the pandemic and to ask for the implementation of a realistic and consensus plan that avoids the loss of lives and jobs ”.

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