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The deputy spokesman of the CPG explains the battery of initiatives Cs to benefit the self-employed at a time when? The sector faces problems such as the economic slowdown?

"We have always helped the autonomous because they are one of the fundamental pillars of our economic development." This was stated by the deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, during his speech before the media in the Lower House. Bal has explained the battery of initiatives registered by his group to benefit the self-employed at a time when "the microenterprise sector faces problems such as the economic slowdown." "The measures that the Government intends to carry out, such as raising taxes, do not convince us, can hamper the development of this sector," he said.

The spokesman of the CPG recalled that Inés Arrimadas already advanced last week during his meeting with the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA) a series of relevant measures proposed by the liberal group to "help this sector." Likewise, Bal has highlighted some such as “the flat rate with respect to the Social Security fee” or “the VAT income once the invoices are paid”.

The liberal deputy has also referred to the issue of sexual abuse of minors protected in the Balearic Islands because "it is a matter that concerns all Spaniards," he said. In this sense, Bal has criticized that the PSOE and Podemos in the Balearic Islands "look the other way and vote against a commission of inquiry" and has announced that Ciudadanos has proposed "an amendment to our own proposition not of law to urge that an Investigation Commission be established within the Congress ”.

Bal has also criticized the bilateral table tomorrow in which the Government and the independence parties will meet in Catalonia. "It is the blackmail table because its only objective is that Sánchez and Iglesias perpetuate themselves in power and carry out their budget law," he concluded.

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