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The GPCs deputy spokesperson celebrates that 'the main orange lines have exceeded the Executive's veto' in the processing of Budgets

"We have signed an agreement with the PSOE to launch a Single Health Card", has announced the deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group Cs (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, in a press conference in the Congress of Deputies in which he explained that this means that the citizen can "obtain a single prescription to be able to receive the drugs throughout the national territory and a clinical history that, with the consent of the patient, can be consulted throughout the country."

"The main orange lines have overcome the veto of the Executive", has highlighted the number two of Cs in Congress who has pointed out that, in the debate in the Budget Committee, the liberal party has managed to keep them in the debate and in the budget vote, "direct aid of 75% of billing to self-employed workers and SMEs and companies that have seen their activity and income reduced by 50%, and sick leave with benefit for parents with school-age children who have to save quarantine for Covid-19 ”. "For us it is very relevant because we understand that it is something good for citizens", added Bal who has vindicated the work of his Parliamentary Group that has achieved that "today 260 amendments, of the more than 300 that we present, are still alive", while he has made ugly that "other parties like Vox have not even presented amendments to the budgets for the first time in 40 years of democracy."

The liberal deputy has detailed during his appearance some of the amendments that "remain within the parliamentary discussion" such as "the extensions of the ERTE until July, the eight-year extension of the return of ICO credits by Covid, lower VAT of the tourism sector at 4%, prepare a Tourism and Hospitality Protection Plan, that vulnerable university students do not pay fees, that telework and the MECUIDA Plan will be extended indefinitely, and direct aid to families for the purchase of masks ”.

Other issues raised by Cs such as promoting the National Health System Coordination Commission, creating the Spanish Public Health Agency, to reach 2% of GDP in investment for R & D & I and providing funds for the National Mental Health Strategy To end the scourge of suicide, "they are also still alive in the negotiations with the Government as a result of having passed the veto process," said Bal, who has insisted that the orange party continues to "work for the equality of all Spanish people".

The GPCs deputy spokesperson has also referred to other points that are included as “the elimination of the government salary increase and all political positions, and the creation of the Office of Reconstruction and Reforms for the management of the European Funds for the Recovery of Covid-19 and a National Plan for Fiscal Consolidation ”.

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