07-25-2020 | Cs

Cs gathers its mayors and vice mayors this Saturday in a telematic meeting where the management and values ​​of "equality, freedom and regeneration" have been valued

"We have the responsibility to provide solutions to the Spanish and we must separate the Budgets of Churches, Rufián and Otegi", said the deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, during his speech at the telematic meeting 'One year of government and useful policy in the City Councils', which has brought together about 200 positions who work in municipal institutions representing the orange formation.

The liberal deputy has valued the management of the mayors and vice-mayors of Cs during the Covid-19 crisis, “many of you have had a very bad time in the fight against the pandemic and with the problem of outbreaks in the face of a certain misunderstanding of the government of the nation ", but" you are doing a commendable job, "said Bal. Likewise, the Deputy Deputy Secretary of Cs, José María Espejo-Saavedra, who has also intervened in the act, has defended, "the responsibility that comes with governing and making decisions in this exceptional moment." "You represent the best capital of the party with the effort and dedication to service that you put behind municipal efforts," he added. On the other hand, Bal explained that "Cs has also had a very relevant role in issues that will affect municipal institutions" such as "the unlocking of the surplus of the City Councils, which all parliamentary groups, except for the PSOE, have voted in favor of unlocking it in the Economic Reactivation working group ”, although the liberal party goes further and has asked the Government to“ help the municipalities that have no surplus because you are the first barrier to help the citizen ”, has added.

In another order, Bal has shown his concern about outbreaks in Catalonia, "the Generalitat has had a chaotic management." "Improvisation and chaos define Torra", has made him ugly. The orange deputy has referred to the improvised actions of the President of the Generalitat as the "decision to close nightlife without consensus and without a compensation plan for the sector." "Yesterday we saw how France recommended not to travel to Catalonia with the damage it causes to the image and economy of the Autonomous Community and of Spain," said Bal.

Finally, the deputy spokesman for the GPCs has referred to the la Anti-squat Law ’registered by Cs in Congress that“ establishes an express procedure to regain possession of the home and grants more powers to the consistories to fight this scourge. ”

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