07-06-2020 | Cs

Citizens summons by letter the PP and PSOE to a meeting this Wednesday to end this type of corruption

"We have to update, develop and implement improvements in the Anti-Transfuge Pact," said the deputy spokesman for Citizens (Cs) in Congress, Edmundo Bal, this Monday. After the meeting of the Standing Committee of the liberal party, he announced that "we are going to call by letter the PP and PSOE to a meeting this Wednesday to end this type of corruption." "We invite all national political parties to this initiative to update the pact against transfuguism," he said, "because we must not forget that transfuguism is corruption, it is a way of defrauding the vote of citizens." The also member of the Cs Standing Committee has declared that “it is worth revitalizing and updating the Anti-Transfuge Pact with effective instruments and with the commitments of the parties”, since it is a mechanism that “met, for the last time, in 2010 with parties that no longer exist or were not as Cs ”.

"Citizens have always had zero tolerance against corruption," Bal recalled, while pledging to "fight against the corrupted as against the corrupted." "The vote is not bought with charges, perks or promises, it is the property of the citizens," he sentenced. "This phenomenon, this scourge, has as its victim the voters who one day cast their vote and trusted a party and who, after ignoble agreements, disappoints their will," he added. The deputy spokesman for the GPCs explained that "we are living in a dramatic moment", so we must be "united to fight the pandemic and the social and economic crisis that is coming." “This is not the time to destabilize governments, to break unity or to anger the opposite party; it is the moment to be united, of the useful policy, of the agreements, of the consensus and of the new policy ”.

In addition, the deputy parliamentary spokesman of the orange formation has transferred the concern of Cs about the outbreaks of Covid-19 and, in particular, that of A Mariña "because it can affect the normal development of the 12J elections." Likewise, the liberal deputy has praised that the citizen candidate for the presidency of the Xunta de Galicia, Beatriz Pino, has sent "a letter to the Galician parties to call an urgent meeting to find consensus and a solution to the outbreaks." "This is making useful policy based on need," Bal stressed, "we must continue to be prudent in the fight against Covid-19 and make decisions among all." On the act that this Sunday Cs and the PP held under the Gernika tree, Bal said that it was "a historic day for constitutionalism", in addition, he has defended that "the PP + Cs project is a project for all those who they live in the Basque Country ”because“ you can be Basque, constitutional, Spanish and European ”.

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