05-14-2020 | Cs

Cs deputy spokesman in Congress reminds the government that Cs 'does not deliver a blank check'

"We Spaniards -and us as politicians- must maintain this willingness to consensus and dialogue," said the deputy spokesman for Citizens (Cs) in Congress, Edmundo Bal. The member of the Standing Committee of the orange formation has urged all political forces "to maintain the will, good faith and a climate of dialogue to make the Reconstruction Commission useful and not a forum for partisan struggles."

On this body that has begun work in Congress, Bal recalled that "Arrimadas proposed to Sánchez to constitute this Commission five weeks ago" and that "the format" was indifferent to liberal training "as long as it was useful". "The Reconstruction Commission should serve to diagnose errors in the crisis management of COVID-19, to learn from the solutions proposed by the experts, to debate solutions, not to repeat the errors and to prepare ourselves for a re-emergence", He has detailed the deputy spokesman of the GPCs. Likewise, the member of the Cs Executive recalled that "Arrimadas gave Sánchez the structured outline of the commission with four pillars: sanitary, economic, social and European" and has transferred that "the four Cs amendments have been accepted." "Our road map is being followed, the plan that we drew up from the beginning," said Bal.

"We have not delivered a blank check to the government," stressed the deputy parliamentary spokesman for the liberal party. In turn, he pointed out that the Government meets the conditions negotiated by Cs for the extension of the state of alarm: "The Executive is studying certain laws to prepare a plan B and has decoupled the ERTE to the state of alarm, as we ask." "We are opposition, everyone knows what we think the Executive, we do not support them," said Bal, and has sentenced that "this is not a partisan struggle, it is the Spanish."

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