07-03-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesman for Cs in Congress assures that the pro-independence groups intend to destroy the Commission because they have no desire to reach agreements "for that reason" only those who believe

"We urge PSOE and Podemos to rectify education and admit a financial aid plan for concerted education," said the deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, during a press conference. "We continue working on the negotiation of transactional amendments with the different parliamentary groups in each of the sectors of the working groups and in this line so clear that Cs has useful policy," he explained, referring to the debate that is taking place. in the Lower House on the conclusions approved in the working groups of the Commission for Social and Economic Reconstruction.

The orange deputy has ensured that, during these weeks of work, Cs has managed that "PP, PSOE and Podemos agree on many matters that are beyond ideology and only seek the benefit of the general interest." In this sense, Bal has highlighted that, in the Health working group, "we reached agreements for the creation of a Spanish Center for Public Health" in order to strengthen coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities, or "The Strategic Plan for Suicide Prevention very well received by civil society organizations." Also in the European Union working group, "our depopulation proposals have been well received by the other parliamentary groups," said Bal, who has argued that "if we propose courageous solutions, we will attract EU funds to finance these highly relevant projects to unite the urban and rural world ”.

The deputy spokesman for the GPCs has referred to the economic group that is still negotiating, "we will do it until the last minute," he said. However, the liberal deputy has lamented once education is politicized and attempts are made to obtain "political revenue when we need a single educational law, which is neither from the PP nor from the PSOE," he asserted. Likewise, he reminded the socialist group and the Podemos group that "both public and subsidized centers have suffered the damage of the pandemic and that is why there should be no differences in relation to aid," he added.

In another order, Bal has warned that "the independence groups intend to destroy the Commission because they do not have the will to reach agreements" so "only those of us who believe in this country can provide solutions to get Spain out of this dramatic situation"

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