11-30-2020 | Cs

The Cs deputy spokesperson in Congress asks the Government "to increase investment in science and technology to 2% of GDP"

"We will ask the Government if the reform of the crimes of sedition is a request from ERC in exchange for voting in favor of the PGE," he said. the deputy spokesperson for Cs in Congress, Edmundo Bal, at the press conference after the meeting of the Permanent Committee of the orange formation. "The Minister of Justice has come to recognize in a national newspaper a reform of the crimes of sedition a la carte, of specific cases, which does not seek the general interest, as was the suppression of Castilian as a vehicular language in the Education law, ”he said.

Bal has asked the Government "That investment in science and technology rises to 2% of GDP", because "for every euro invested in science, innovation and technology, 13 are returned", something that "can lead us to increase GDP above 8.5%". The member of the Standing Committee of the liberal party has warned of the need to "Research in medical science" at a time like this, and regrets that the Government and its partners “have rejected the amendment relating to investment in science and innovation, which claims that there is a box in the income tax return to be able to choose that 0.7% is allocated to investment in R + D + I ”. "It has not been admitted in the Budget law, but we will continue fighting, because this is the future of Spain ", has added.

In reference to anti-transfuguism pact, the deputy of the orange party recalled that it was his training "that tried to revitalize it, arousing the interest of the rest of the political groups and achieving the definition of what a turncoat is, with the commitment of the parties not to favor this fraud against the voters ”. "This Saturday we had a telematic meeting with our regional coordinators in which we transferred the message of promote reforms to carry out, and be a legal norm, this political commitment against transfuguism ", and adds that "we are going to take it to all legislative assemblies so that it is reformed in all chambers."

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