The president of the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands, CAEB, Carmen Planas, has assessed the figures of Social Security affiliation and registered registered unemployment, which confirm that the rate of job creation has acquired a more sustained pulse in recent months. Thus, the average number of affiliated workers in August (589,020 people) has increased over the same month of the previous year at a rate (2.2%) very similar, and even slightly higher, than in previous months (2.1 %, June and July). This circumstance contrasts with the smooth but constant pattern of moderation that job creation had shown over the last year and agrees, at the same time, with the most sustained pulse that the advancement of affiliation manifests in the state as a whole (2, 5% vs 2.6%, July).

However, it should be noted that the progression of employment has not prevented that, in a context of increasing labor participation, the number of unemployed registered in the employment offices in August (38,841 people) has increased slightly in interannual terms (0.6 %), as was already the case in July (0.7%). In particular terms, the increase in unemployment has been extended to both services (0.3%) and construction (1.3%) and industry (1.1%) and has set the rate of registered unemployment in 6.2% of the active population, a percentage that, in any case, remains significantly below the national average (13.7%).

Thus, before a scenario in which labor participation shows a clear upward trend, the president of CAEB has stressed “the need to reinforce the current phase of growth and the process of job creation”, for which she has urged “To implement measures that allow productivity to be boosted and achieve higher quality employment”. To this end, CAEB is committed, as a priority, to an improvement in the training of workers aimed at meeting the needs of the regional productive fabric and by a greater integration of new technologies in Balearic companies, key aspects to boost the competitiveness of Balears

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