Murcia, April 13, 2020. From VOX Murcia we consider that the announcement made by José Ballesta, Mayor of Murcia, to grant aid worth more than € 700,000 to the cultural sector is outrageous without logic. Giving subsidies to issues outside health, the self-employed and those affected by this crisis means having lost the oremus.

Given the difficult economic and health situation that Spain is going through on the occasion of COVID-19, that money is a waste that must be paralyzed to be used to help the residents, businessmen, self-employed and health workers of Murcia, who are the true heroes of this pandemic.

As has already been repeated on some occasions since the party led in the province by José Ángel Antelo, it is necessary to eliminate and in some cases such as the aforementioned, to paralyze, all superfluous non-essential spending so that it is destined where it really is important: the health and economic crisis.

"Our efforts must be aimed at reactivating the business fabric and reducing the taxes paid by Murcians, since spending to subsidize certain related sectors is not the solution," he says. Antelo.

Since VOX Murcia We ask José Ballesta to reflect on the true need for this subsidy and not to show his progressive profile that causes so much damage to Murcian society.

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