Los senadores murcianos del PP en rueda de prensa

 “The appointment of Vélez“ has left us dumbfounded and is another example of the cronyism ”practiced by Pedro Sánchez.

The senator of the Popular Group for the Region of Murcia, Francisco Bernabé, has accused President Sánchez of presenting himself as "a champion of political regeneration" while appointing a Government accused in Murcia to one accused of two corruption offenses, José Vélez.

Barnabas, accompanied by the senators of the PP by Murcia, Juan María Vázquez and Violante Tomás, has assured that the appointment of Vélez “has left us dumbfounded and is another example of the cronyism” practiced by Pedro Sánchez. In his opinion, it shows that the Council of Ministers "blesses" a defendant "who is very likely to be prosecuted in a few months."

In addition, they recalled that the new representative of the Government in Murcia and member of the Federal Committee of the PSOE, José Vélez, is charged, along with the number 2 of the PSOE in the Region of Murcia, Jordi Arce, and the general secretary of the Socialists of Calasparra, for the crimes of prevarication and embezzlement of public flows, having charged the three irregularly more than 30,000 euros in undue wages.

According to the popular senator, "this appointment tarnishes the Delegation of the Government of the Region of Murcia, the third largest institution in the Autonomous Community and is the demonstration of what matters to Murcia to the Government of Pedro Sánchez."

For the Popular Party, "the PSOE lacks credibility to talk about political regeneration and we have a clear demonstration in this appointment of José Vélez as Delegate of the Government, a person currently investigated for the prevarication and embezzlement of public funds."

“And more when the new delegate of Pedro Sánchez is not an individual, but we are talking about his new strong man in the Region, in the person who accumulates more power of his formation, because in addition to being the new delegate, he is also part of the Federal Executive Committee of the PSOE, the body that directs the party at the national level, ”denounced Francisco Bernabé.

For this reason, the senator of the Popular Group has wondered “what debt does Pedro Sánchez have with José Vélez to appoint him as a delegate when he knows the political damage that his appointment to the PSOE can do”.

In this sense, Barnabas has pointed out that “we do not forget that José Vélez himself signed a code of ethics of the PSOE that asked to disable for any public office the accused persons. Where is congruence here? Was it all pure hypocrisy? ”He asked himself.

"With this appointment, the socialist government detracts all moral value and credibility from the institution of the Government Delegation, which today more than ever has become the best political refuge for Pedro Sánchez's friends," said the PP senator. .

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