El senador del Partido Popular, José Manuel Barreiro

Remember that “the governments of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria have joined in their demands; let's take that element of consensus ”

The deputy spokesman of the Popular Group, José Manuel Barreiro, has accused the Government of "lack of sensitivity and political will when it comes to solving the problem of strengthening the competitiveness of electro-intensive industries." "The Statute of the electro-intensive industry does not solve the problems, according to the sector of the workers' representatives," said Barreiro.

In his speech, he has asked the Government about measures to strengthen the competitiveness of electro-intensive industries. The popular deputy spokesman and senator for Lugo, José Manuel Barreiro has explained that, “within the productive structure of our country, the energy factor is decisive to the point that if there are no competitive elements, it can lead to the disappearance of the own business organization ”.

"Behind this are the strategic productions for the future of our country, even in some cases as the only industry we have in our country and there are many people, thousands of families who are jeopardizing their jobs," he explained.

According to José Manuel Barreiro, until 2018, favorable channels were created to be able to carry out the development of these industrial processes, “with difficulties –he has clarified- but that were tackled with sensitivity and understanding of the problem, approaching those who lived and suffered the problem and trying to put solutions that basically are limited to the energy cost and its impact on each one of those companies ”.

But, it is from 2018 when, according to the popular senator, this is broken because “there has been no sensitivity, no solutions have been provided” by the socialist government. "There have been excuses and lies, the workers of those industries have been deceived," the Minister of Industry has accused.

"It is after twenty months, when a mechanism is given that, according to you, will guarantee stability and solve the problem," he said. “I can buy him that speech, but it's not true. The industry has said no, the workers have said no and the Administrations directly affected have said no. Something is wrong, Mrs. Minister, ”he said.

According to Barreiro, the Minister of Industry, who responded on behalf of the Government to the interpellation “has managed to agree different administrations of different political colors, in a process initiated by Núñez Feijoo, because in Galicia it is a serious problem, specifically in Lugo, in Alcoa. The president of Asturias, a socialist has understood the message and has joined the defense of the affected workers and the government of Cantabria, which is neither from the Popular Party, nor is it socialist, ”he said.

"If three administrations of three political parties say the opposite of what you say, I am left with what the three Administrations say," said Barreiro, who reminded the minister of the meeting with the workers in which he was asked on the part of everyone, to reassure them and tell what the Statute contained, “which he did not do with the excuse that it was a functioning Government, when you approved 30 Royal Decrees with a functioning government. No one buys that story, ”said the senator.

Subsequently, they take out a Statute worse than the initial draft they had released, Barreiro explains and “this occurs due to lack of sensitivity and political will to solve the problem and because they reach the point of using industrial policy, as an instrument of territorial discrimination " As he explains, the draft of the Statute goes from something more than one hundred companies, to more than two hundred, to finish in 600 in the new Statute.

"The difference is in companies in the Basque Country and Catalonia because it was necessary to pay Mr. Sánchez to continue sitting where he is sitting."

"You. They are able to create, in the industrial field, an asymmetric Spain. That cannot be admitted, they cannot condemn a province like Lugo to disappear the only industry that exists in Spain of primary aluminum, ”he concluded.

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