The president of the Popular Party of Aragon, Luis María Beamonte, has highlighted the strength of the popular Aragonese before the general elections of November 10 to contribute to change in Spain and have a government in which the seriousness, solvency and common sense.

"In the face of the paralysis and the blockade that Sánchez has subjected to the country, Pablo Casado is the only one who can give us back to Spain of opportunities and growth," he said.

Beamonte has visited Calamocha today along with the list heads to Congress and the Senate by Teruel, Alberto Herrero and Manuel Blasco, where they have taken a citizen walk to present the main proposals of the Popular Party and have visited the General Fair of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Livestock.

“While Sanchez was playing politics from La Moncloa, many things have changed in this country. The economic situation has changed, from growth to deceleration; the employment trend has changed, from generating employment to more unemployment; It has changed our credibility as a country, ”he said.

Among the priorities of the PP, the decrease in taxes and the commitment to employment with a flat rate of 12 and 24 more months for the self-employed, the creation of a new company in five days, the Second Chance Law and a law for business growth

Other commitments are the revaluation of pensions, the creation of a public park of 100,000 homes for rent and a complement for working women of up to 15%.


In this sense, Beamonte has called for participation to "end the policy of tactics and photos of Sanchez that has only served to block Spain and Aragon without budgets, without infrastructure and without real and concrete proposals."

Therefore, the only alternative to the bewilderment the PSOE is the Popular Party and Pablo Casado. "Governing a country is something very serious and requires management, solvency, delivery and sense of state and that, at the moment, there is only one party that represents it, the Popular Party," he said.

"The Popular Party goes out to win and govern because the problems of the Spaniards cannot wait, because we must work for the future, for prosperity, for everything that unites us instead of what separates us," he said.

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