Ensures that the PP and Pablo Casado are the only alternative to end the bewilderment of the PSOE

The president of the Popular Party in Aragon, Luis María Beamonte, has denounced today the consequences of “the inability of Lambán and its partners that have paralyzed Aragón and make us lose opportunities”, while extrapolating this situation to the whole country with the management of Sánchez.

This is one of the messages he has launched in the XXIV Popular Interparliamentary Union, which was held today in Alicante and where he participated in the table "Building Spain from the regions."

During his speech, Beamonte has shown that the poor management of the PSOE has aggravated the problems of the Aragonese, and to verify it has exposed some data that are alarming: unemployment, the fall of freelancers, which is the largest in the country, the lowering of vehicle registrations that are below the Spanish average and a decrease in tourism.

To this situation are added the problems with health, education and fiscal hell to which he has subjected the Aragonese. “We are the second Community that taxes the middle classes the most through the IRPF, which is a robbery for families, and also our high fiscal pressure makes us an unattractive terrain to attract companies; we are the third least attractive community, then they are surprised that we have business leaks, ”he criticized.

"We have lost opportunities for an incapable government and for a president who is more occupied by organic issues than by governing," he has denounced to continue extrapolating this situation to Spain as a whole with Sánchez in the government.

“These are the consequences of these governments so harmful that, in short, they are

the reflection of the national PSOE, generating unemployment, debt, deficit and problems. What they do in their Autonomous Communities, damages the Aragonese yes, but also the

set of the Spaniards ”, has denounced.

Therefore, Beamonte said that "the only alternative to the current confusion that the PSOE has subjected us is the Popular Party and Pablo Casado."


In another order of things, Beamonte has emphasized the need to work to homogenize the opportunities for all Spaniards regardless of their place of residence because only then will citizens be freer and equal.

For Beamonte, the vertebration of the country must be carried out from the sum of the Autonomous Communities, since, in his opinion, "it is what he has done, does and will make Spain solvent" and is "the best guarantee of unity and future" .

During his speech, the leader of the popular Aragonese has advocated “taking advantage of all the potential of each of our territories to put them at the service of the Spanish as a whole”, and at this point he explained how Aragón can help it. “Aragón is a logistic node in Spain, we are located in a strategic enclave, there are millions of products from the rest of the Communities that leave for Europe through Aragón and that unites us. That position cannot be seen as a competition, but as a complementary element, ”he exemplified.

Luis María Beamonte has also highlighted its environmental capacity as another of its strengths. "Aragon is a lung for Spain and so we must understand, positively, not as a burden," he said.


Likewise, the regional president of the PP has also emphasized the need to address a national strategy for the fight against depopulation to continue working for the homogenization of Spaniards in equality parameters.

"It is now that as a country we do an exercise of solidarity and justice, it is necessary to address a new regional financing, which takes into account the real cost of services and equal opportunities and put an end to that unjust model of Zapatero to favor the anxieties devouring of a specific Community ”, he warned.

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