Luis María Beamonte visita Monforte de Moyuela

The president of the PP-Aragon, Luis María Beamonte, highlighted today the role of women and the work they do for their municipality and for creating opportunities where they reside at the same time that they have valued their figure “as a true example of The fight against depopulation. To advance in equality is to advance in opportunities for the whole territory ”.

Beamonte has made these statements in the Turolense town of Monforte de Moyuela, where he has visited a pig farm owned by the mayor, Paula Delmás, which combines her public office work with that of an entrepreneur.

The president of the Aragonese popular has put as a model the work that Delmás performs to highlight the role of women who work daily from their town for a better life in equality. "It is an example of the struggle for full equality in which all, society as a whole, must be committed," he said.

As Beamonte pointed out, “equality has nothing to do with ideologies, it has to do with the defense of women and, in an Autonomous Community like ours, defense and support for women translates into defense and support of our territory".

Aware that much remains to be done, he has ensured that education is a key piece in achieving full equality between men and women.


Beamonte has also focused on the need to facilitate entrepreneurial work in rural areas to settle population through a different fiscal policy, support for entrepreneurship and the improvement of communications, services and new technologies.

“The people who undertake the only thing they want is to earn a living with dignity and that is where the public administrations have to be. Now, in Aragon there is a lack of sufficient stimuli to grow in an orderly manner, bearing in mind the whole territory. In the primary sector we are waiting for those who want to come from abroad and have often forgotten those who are already here, that is a pending issue of the Government of the Community, ”he explained.

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