Belén Hoyo en la Sesión de Control al Gobierno

Mrs. Montero, do you need protection? As a woman I don't need her because I am free and equal. Without any complex. Mine is not a discontinuous, glued and fake fixed feminism like yours.

As a woman I don't need guardians or protectors. So I think Dina didn't need them either. She did not need anyone to exercise a usufruct right over her privacy.

It is simply unacceptable and shameful that your Ministry does not condemn this fact.

Mrs. Montero: do you recognize a macho? Do you know what machismo is? What would you do if they behaved towards you just as they behaved towards Mrs. Dina? I think I would repudiate him.

I tell you one thing, Mrs. Montero, the only stable couple and forever is the conscience of each one. It is the only one we sleep with every day of our lives.

This question gives you a good opportunity to choose: between its principles or its inconsistencies. I advise you to choose your principles, because only then will you free yourself from a burden forever.

The author of these events is not a bourgeois from the 60s, nor an anonymous machista. We are talking about the second vice president of the Government of Spain. The one with the whipping. The leader of a party that one of its most prominent leaders, Carolina Bescansa, accused of machismo. Your party.

Today has an opportunity, because behind Dina are all the Spanish women. It is in your hands to decide whether to demonstrate with them against all the all types of male violence or choose inconsistency. But behind the inconsistency, there are thousands of women who are having a very hard time and who are not going to trust you. If they ever have.

This is the moment of truth. It is the moment of courage. It's time for Enough is enough! Do not let anyone decide for you, because at that moment you will be a victim.

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