La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

He warns that Ábalos should resign “immediately” for a “very serious” fact if it is confirmed that the minister met with the vice president of Maduro, who cannot step on European soil by a resolution of the European Union.

He considers that with the "Abalos case", the minister laughs at all the Spaniards for saying that the meeting with the vice president of Maduro was "fortuitous."

Ana Beltrán demands that Sánchez not go to visit Torra and warns that all he should say is that he leave his seat and his position as president of the Generalitat.

He reminds Sánchez that Torra, who has clearly said that he wants to talk about independence, is disabled and qualifies as “unworthy” that, after the first JEC resolution, he did not ask for his resignation.

He points out that Sánchez is the first president of the Government fined by the Central Electoral Board, for making partisan use of La Moncloa. "If you comply with the fine that the JEC has given you, why not disabling Torra?"

He accuses Sanchez of going one arm with the independentistas and another with the heirs of ETA and regrets that the president always goes where he should not go to do great damage to the Spaniards.

He emphasizes that the first thing that ETA prisoners have to do is ask for forgiveness and remember that the PP has presented motions in the Parliament of Navarra so that the heirs of ETA could ask for forgiveness. "They have never done it," he says.

Criticizes that the Government has brought to the "palestra" an issue such as the parental pin to cover their excesses and that, on the contrary, is not talking about the "terrible scandal" of the Balearic Islands. “In the PP we will always defend minors and the right of parents to free choice in the education of their children,” he remarks.

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