La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

  • Demands the Government to ask for forgiveness for the smear campaign launched against Madrid, "symbol of harmony"
  • He warns him that "his job is to govern and provide solutions, not to act as leader of the opposition to the PP"
  • He hates Sánchez's "ferocious attacks" on the PP and recalls that "he knelt before those who vetoed the Army's health aid in Navarra, Catalonia and the Basque Country"
  • He insists that the Government also "must be focused without hesitation on the economic activation of Spain"
  • Regrets that Navarra follows in the wake of Sánchez and tries to hide his management problems with proposals without content

The Deputy Secretary of Organization of the Popular Party and President of the PP of Navarra, Ana Beltrán, today accused the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, of turning the de-escalation into “an autonomous race presided over by improvisation, the lack of communication with the Autonomous Communities and the absence of transparency and clarity around the technical criteria that have motivated changes for de-escalation ”.

After chairing the meeting of the Management Committee of the Popular Party of Navarra today, Beltrán echoed the alleged unity promulgated by Sánchez and asked him how it is combined with the smear campaign orchestrated by PSOE and Podemos against the Community of Madrid, "Symbol of harmony and effective management of the health crisis". In this sense, the 'popular' leader has demanded the Prime Minister "to ask for forgiveness for the ferocious attacks on Madrid and the PP" and has assured that "it is very worrying that he shows this belligerence with the main opposition party while during For months, he has remained silent and knelt before political formations that vetoed the Army's health aid in Navarra, Catalonia and the Basque Country ”.

Thus, it has thus referred to the decision of the Ministry of Defense

to withdraw the military that supported the Tudela City Council (Navarra) in the control of the pandemic, and to the obstacles presented by the Basque Government of PNV and PSE or by the Government of Quim Torra in Catalonia before the deployment of the Army to disinfect public spaces. "The job of the Prime Minister is to govern and provide solutions, not to act as leader of the opposition to the PP," he added.

Beltrán has warned that "the alliances sought by the PSOE with formations whose priority is to divide the Spanish", as well as their "null will in accordance with the PP", may put at risk "the reconstruction of a country that needs public policies serious and oriented to the activation of Spain ”. An activation, he added, that it will hardly come from the hand of a Government that, despite having the largest number of ministries in Europe, has not been able to prevent Spain from registering 10% of the deaths from coronavirus in the world or that in our country. country more than 21% of the infected population are toilets. "In addition to stopping the pandemic, the Executive should be directed without hesitation to enhance economic activity in our country," he said.

The 'number three' of the PP, referring to the secret Committee of experts that decides on the de-escalation, has regretted that to this day “the Government of Spain continues to deny information of public and health interest that directly affects the life of our families". "Do these experts not have the required training? Have PSOE and Podemos been placed there because of ideological criteria? ” it has been asked to, immediately afterwards, add that "Pedro Sánchez has entered a dangerous authoritarian drift and incompatible with the defense of a full democracy."


Beltrán has demanded the Navarrese executive of the socialist María Chivite "to explain why in Navarra they are only carrying out the fourth part of the PCR test that allows their capacity", as has been denounced today by the media. The ‘popular’ leader has demanded that the Navarrese government listen to experts and health professionals, who advocate this detection system as a key to the vault to advance in de-escalation.

Similarly, Beltrán has requested that "Navarre entities that are at the forefront of scientific research," such as the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), which currently can contribute much, should not "discriminate on ideological grounds". in the fight against the pandemic.

The president of the PP of Navarra has referred to the announced Economic Recovery Plan of the Government of Chivite and has requested that "it does not become a soflama more lacking in content than the Executive of the PSN". He then indicated that, "as is already happening in other communities, the plan must begin to endow itself with content and not just words, as it is now."

"Chivite has announced that he wants to make a plan, but he has not spoken of measures, dialogue or participation. With these premises we can only think that the President of the Government of Navarra has a wish, not a serious proposal to respond to the crisis in Navarra, "he assured. In Beltrán's words, "Navarra is following in the wake of Sánchez: he wants to hide inefficient healthcare management and his lack of ideas about economic activation through improvisation and proposals that are empty of content."

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