La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

He assures that the Government "is idle" in front of the contagions and asks the President of the Executive to "react now" to the serious economic crisis

Regrets that the Executive "downplays" the fall of 18.5% of GDP. "We return to lead the ranking of the country with the greatest drop in GDP and employment", he adds

He warns that the Government "is going to impose a bloody tax reform" and that the tax hike that it intends to carry out "is going to give investment and economic growth a sprig"

Remember that the PP has presented a plan for the economic and health revival in which it contemplates a state pact for health and legal measures for the control of outbreaks from the CCAA

He believes that "Sánchez has a great responsibility and cannot go hand in hand with Podemos and the parties that want to break Spain." "You must choose between moderation and radicality," says

He calls Sánchez "to look south" and take an example of the management of the crisis that the Andalusian Government has carried out with Juanma Moreno at the forefront "far from populism and the radicality that the Government boasts"

He affirms that "Sánchez has been able to break the inter-territorial solidarity to obtain the support of the PNV". What will you give to Catalan independentists to support their budgets? wonders

He criticizes that "the Government has turned nationalist blackmail into another component of Spanish politics." "We do not deserve a government that plays with our lives and with employment for its own political benefit," he says.

He claims that the funds "are distributed according to objective criteria and never for political reasons." "There can be no comparative grievances between Spaniards, nor can there be first and second-class Spaniards," he adds.

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