Ana Beltrán durante la entrevista.

He assures that PSOE and Podemos want to end judicial independence so that Iglesias can be tried in all the cases he has open in a way that suits him

– Highlights the warnings of the European Commission, the rejection of the judges' associations and the members of the CGPJ questioning this unconstitutional proposal of the PSOE and Podemos

– Reiterates that the PP will go to all the courts and instances to which it is necessary to denounce that this reform is contrary to the Constitution and European standards

– "We want to depoliticize Justice and comply with the Constitution, which marks exactly the way to elect the Judiciary," he says.

– "The PP will not negotiate anything while Pablo Iglesias is trying to put the people he wants to solve his many judicial problems: we demand the withdrawal of this reform proposal by the PSOE and Podemos", sentence

– He emphasizes that one could only speak with the Government if the rule of law, judicial independence, a fair election and that Justice be depoliticized, something that could never be done with a vice president like Pablo Iglesias

– “The PP is to exercise a useful opposition for Spain: we are concerned about what happens with the management of the pandemic, with the daily lives of citizens, with the ERTES, the hotel industry, the abuses of the state of alarm decreed in Madrid; instead of putting ourselves with a motion of censure that will serve as an oxygen balloon for Pedro Sánchez "

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