La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán, y la secretaria general del PP Madrid, Ana Camíns, durante una reunión con presidentes de juntas de distrito y de munici-pios afectados por el estado de alarma

The Undersecretary of Organization of the Popular Party, Ana Beltrán, has criticized "the political attack" undertaken by Pedro Sánchez against the Government of the Community of Madrid in the midst of the great health and economic crisis such as the one we are experiencing. According to Beltrán, Sánchez acts like this when he sees how a pandemic is really managed, just as we are doing in other CCAA where the PP governs.

Beltrán has compared "the negligence in the management of the Government of Sánchez" against the effectiveness in the management of the president Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, while suggesting that this constant attack is " because we are doing things well ”.

Accompanied by the general secretary of the PP of Madrid, Ana Camins, both have presided over a meeting with presidents of district boards and municipalities affected by the declaration of the state of alarm. A meeting in which they have transferred the support of the party leadership and thanked the work they do in the midst of this situation.

In this sense, the general secretary of the PP in Madrid has stressed that "we are the region that suffers the scourge and the force of the Government steamroller", since from Moncloa they are going after the Government of Díaz Ayuso, but the consequences we all suffer from Madrid.

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