La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

The Deputy Secretary for the Organization of the Popular Party recalls that her Parliamentary Group has presented in the Congress of Deputies a proposal for an organic law against illegal occupation, anticipating the Government, in a situation that requires immediate solutions.

He shows his willingness to reach an agreement with the Government in this matter, but wonders if the Executive would be willing to go hand in hand with the PP since he has not wanted to reach any pact with the PP to get out of the crisis because of of the pandemic.

He insists that the interest of the PP is to address the concerns of the Spanish by proposing solutions to the crisis, although "Sánchez currently ignores" and calls on the chief executive to choose between "moderation and the radical nature of his partners."

He regrets yesterday's applause for Pedro Sánchez from the socialist party. "It is a dagger in the hearts of thousands and thousands of Spaniards who have lost their loved ones to the coronavirus or who cannot work."

He assures that it is "serious" that the committee of experts, from which the PP asked for the names, does not really exist. "It is a false committee of experts and it is a false government," he added.

He affirms that the motion of censure raised by VOX is "a flare to say 'hello, here I am', an oxygen balloon to Sánchez" and that it would mean "investing" him as new President of the Government given the impossibility of his success.

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