Ana Beltrán, durante su intervención en la Sesión de Control

The Deputy Secretary of Organization of the Popular Party and president of the PP of Navarra, Ana Beltrán, has expressed today the frontal opposition of the PP to the agreement that the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, has reached with the PNV to expel the Civil Guard of Navarra. This agreement, included within the requirements that the nationalist formation has made to support Sánchez's investiture, is in the opinion of the popular leader “a scandal”, which “is not shared by the vast majority of Navarre society” and has guaranteed that the Popular Party "will require the Government to explain why it lied in the Congress of Deputies about the permanence of the Civil Guard in Navarra."

Ana Beltrán recalled that last September he asked the Interior Minister Fernando Grande Marlaska in Congress about the intentions of his department regarding the permanence of the Civil Guard in Navarra. On that occasion the minister reiterated, in the same way that a few days before he had done on his visit to the agents of the Armed Institute in Pamplona, ​​that "the presence of the Civil Guard in Navarra, was not in danger." Likewise, the Government of Sánchez has not yet answered the written question that on July 3, Ana Beltrán addressed the Minister of the Interior asking about the plans that the Sanchez Executive had about the permanence of the Civil Guard in Navarra.

Beltrán has indicated that the PP will request the appearance of Grande Marlaska in the Congress of Deputies so that the minister explains how in less than two months the acting government has gone from ensuring that “the Civil Guard is not in danger in Navarra” and that "It is going to be a Socialist Government in Navarra and a Socialist Government in Madrid who are going to make the Police, the Civil Guard and the Foral Police work together." Beltrán has indicated that "we are going to ask the Government at the parliamentary headquarters how it has consented to the interference that the PNV has demanded from the Foral Community of Navarra."

Marlaska "lied and belittled the Civil Guard" in the Congress of Deputies, said Beltrán, who blames this change of direction of the acting Government, "in the needs of Sanchez reach an agreement regardless of the price that is necessary to pay "

The president of the popular Navarre has also sympathized with the 200 Civil Guard Traffic agents currently working in Pamplona and their families. “We understand your irritation, both by the agreement with the PNV, and by the generalized bad treatment they are receiving from the Minister of the Interior and therefore we want to guarantee that, in the same way that on other occasions we have supported their work and their work , now we will continue doing it with all the resources within our reach ”.

Finally, the Deputy Secretary of Organization wanted to remember that "the Civil Guard is loved and respected by the great majority of Navarre, who see in their agents the guarantors of their security." "We are not going to allow a loved and respected Body to be expelled for the desire to reach an armchair in La Moncloa," he said.

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