Remember that the PP goes for "institutional loyalty" to the meeting with the president in office, because it is "key" in the alternative of the Government of Spain, it is who holds the foundations of the unity of the country, and is essential in a relentless opposition before Sánchez's excesses

Headlines of Ana Beltrán in Zaragoza:

– Criticizes that Carmen Calvo lies when she says that the PSOE can be trusted and wonders how we are going to trust a party that wants ETA friends as partners in Navarra and embraces independence.

– Denounces that a month has passed without Sanchez calling the PP, because he was very clear to those he wanted as government partners, against whom the PP will act as "firewalls" to prevent them from breaking our country.

– Stresses that the problem has extended to a whole PSOE "able to sit at the table of infamy and unworthiness", which has accepted the terms of "political conflict" and "nation of nations" from independence

– It draws attention to the socialist barons, "who are brave and do not become self-conscious or cowardly while they see Sanchez's claims to tear apart and tear apart Spain."

– Reiterates that Sánchez's silence in the corruption plot of the ERE is surprising, the biggest corruption scandal in the entire European Union, “in which the unemployed were robbed full of hands, something more typical of Sicilian mafia than public managers "

– He conveys his condolences to President Rajoy, on behalf of the entire Popular Party family, for his sister's death today.

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