Ana Beltrán en Málaga

It considers that Sánchez and the rest of the Government have committed a "historical betrayal of the constitutional order", without defending the parliamentary monarchy and King Felipe IV, and our constitutional model in the face of the attacks that come from their own Executive, something unprecedented

  • Faced with a "cowardly and complicit" president, like Sánchez, the PP "will never let an attack like the one that occurred yesterday against the King of Spain pass by," he says.
  • He denounces the behavior of President Batet, who "acted in the worst way appealing to freedom of expression when they were attacking King Felipe VI in front of her."
  • He assures that the Government of Sánchez is "a specialist in diverting attention", creating smoke screens and being more focused on political marketing than on solving the problems of the Spanish.
  • "From the Popular Party we are going to continue asking for the commission of inquiry into the management of the pandemic because we will never forget that this Government has lied to all Spaniards, has acted ineffectively, negligently, and in some cases even badly. faith".
  • He believes that Vice President Iglesias denies the squats illegal because “their model is not the defense of private property” and he emphasizes that “if they want to change the constitutional model, they will have to reform the Constitution, something in which the PP would be a key and essential piece and with our votes they will not go to count".
  • “We have 40 years of democracy in which we Spaniards have won a lot at all levels. We have won in peace and in consensus among all. The old quarrels of the past have been forgotten and all Spaniards are one. The Constitution is neither of the left nor of the right; it belongs to everyone ”.
  • It highlights that the PP has extended its hand to the Government on numerous occasions to reach large State pacts to get out of this health and economic crisis, and what has been found has been “a president who prefers to agree with those who want to break Spain: the Catalan independentists, Bildu-Batasuna and their partners from Unidas Podemos ”.

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