Holders of their statements with Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo


– Denounces that today there will be a "betrayal" of the PSOE, both in Navarra and in Spain, and criticizes Sánchez and Chivite for giving oxygen to the nationalists and Bildu-Batasuna, a party that will be legal but absolutely immoral "

– Notes that today Chivite and Sánchez are separated from constitutionalism after four years in which UPN, PSOE and PP have voted the same to defend Navarra from attacks by Basque nationalists

– Remember that Navarra Suma won 40 percent of the votes and defines the electoral coalition as “a formula of success”, set thanks to the “generosity of three parties that have agreed to save Navarra from the nationalists”.

– Affirms that “Bildu always finishes its duties” and these go through the annexation of Navarra to the Basque Country, take out the National Police and the Civil Guard from this community and impose the Basque and Ikurriña, in order for Navarra to be one more province of Euskadi that is a historical claim of ETA


– Demands Sanchez that after the agreement reached by the PSOE in Navarra "from now on, the simulation of calling for abstention to constitutionalism for their plans be saved"

– He denounces that Sánchez's entire political project has been based and based on the abstention of Bildu-Batasuna, from a party whose top leader said a few days ago on public television that there is a right to cause pain. "Mr. Sánchez came to power with the abstention of Bildu and today consumes that betrayal, as the president of the PP of Navarra said, to the Spanish moral consensus," he emphasizes.

– Regrets the "bleak and deplorable" tribute that is paid today to the world of ETA. "With this investiture, Mr. Sánchez annexes Navarra to the indignity of his political project," he says.

– The spokeswoman for the Popular Parliamentary Group in Congress recalls the 853 victims of ETA, 56 of them in Navarra, and especially the nine socialists killed by the terrorist band ETA.

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