Concentración de apoyo a la Guardia Civil de Tráfico en Navarra

  1. He assures that the PP will not consent that "the Government of Sanchez allows a disabled president like Torra to set the agenda for the unity of our country." "We will oppose with all our strength and means to date the independence referendum," he says.
  2. He asks the ministers who debate in his retirement about “how they are able to give in to Torra's pretensions, give privileges to Catalonia and take them away from other autonomous communities to which he owes 2.5 billion euros for health and social policies”.

  3. He calls on the socialist barons to "stand up to Sánchez and not dance the water" and say clearly that "they will not tolerate that they steal the money they owe from the citizens of their Autonomous Communities to give them to others in clear territorial inequality" .

  4. Shows the support of the PP to the Civil Guard traffic in Navarra "so that no one is able to throw them." "We cannot consent that the nationalists, the independentists and ETA-Batasuna, get away with it in their historical claim."

  5. Remember that both ETA and nationalisms aim to ensure that all State Security Forces disappear from Navarra, Catalonia and the Basque Country. "They don't want anything that has to do with Spain."

  6. He denounces that the Government of Sanchez has agreed with the nationalists that the Civil Guard leave the Foral Community only for political interests. "That implies that 600 families have to leave their jobs, people who have given their lives to defend freedom in Navarra and throughout Spain," he says.

  7. He criticizes that Sanchez is kneeling and bound to the interests of – Bildu-Batasuna and the nationalists. "With such a weak government, it is not the time to transfer the powers of the Civil Traffic Guard to Navarra."

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