La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán, en Algeciras

  • He regrets that given the serious situation we are experiencing, "unprecedented in our recent history", Pedro Sánchez is still on vacation.
  • He denounces that Spain is the European country that leads the ranking of infections per 100,000 inhabitants, "a country where 7 million people cannot work." "And the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias, faced with the new outbreaks, is on a sit-down strike"
  • He insists that there will never be an opposition as loyal as the one being exercised by the Popular Party
  • Remember that the PP has proposed a pact for Health "in which we can agree and Sánchez does not want to talk to the main opposition party while the PP extends his hand to solve the problems of the Spanish"
  • He affirms that serious measures are urgently needed to clarify to parents, students and the entire educational community what is going to happen to our children's school. "The Government must transmit certainty and security to the families, who do not know what to do"
  • He calls for Algeciras to launch the Campo de Gibraltar Plan, "a much-needed plan for this land that includes key measures for economic reactivation at a time marked by the health crisis and unemployment"
  • “This land has great potential for economic development that must be exploited. That is why we cannot allow Sánchez to continue not complying with the measures required by the region "
  • He assures that the PP will do everything in its power to demand from the Congress, the Senate and the national leadership that all the necessary measures for Algeciras are put in place.

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