Bahía de Cádiz, October 27, 2020.- The VOX deputy and spokesperson for the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior Committee, Benito Morillo, has come to the Bay of Cádiz to meet with the unions of the State Security Forces and Bodies, Jucil and Jusapol, to meet your requests and claim the Government of Spain more material, human and technical means to combat illegal immigration, mafias and drug traffickers.

Speaking to the media, parliamentarian Morillo after meeting with the police unions, stressed the need to “combat irregular immigration and those migratory mafias disguised as NGOs that are dedicated to bringing illegal immigrants to Spain who end up begging, which causes an increase in crime that Spaniards suffer directly.

Morillo has denounced that the Government of the Nation focuses on "Progressively eliminate the fundamental rights of Spaniards while allowing hundreds of illegal immigrants to enter Spain without minimal health controls."

On the other hand, Benito Morillo has also dealt with the problem of the mafias and criminal organizations that operate in the area and that take advantage of the rugged orography of the Guadalquivir river at certain points along the river from the city of Cadiz to Seville.

This situation is aggravated due to the lack of personnel and means of the units stationed in the area, as well as the intense river traffic and the abundance of pleasure boats, which make it difficult to detect the boats used by drug traffickers, which in Motherships are often used as a decoy to mislead the Security Forces while a second boat loaded with hashish escapes their control.

The VOX deputy has denounced that the health and economic crisis of COVID-19 has caused a significant increase in criminal activity of these organizations in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, that is affecting not only the integrity of the Police and Civil Guard agents, but also the Sanluqueños themselves who have already been victims of abuses and violent actions in recent months.

Morillo, has denounced the neglect of the governments of the Popular Party and the PSOE in matters of citizen security, since this situation is not new, we already lived a similar one in 2008, and the most serious thing is that twelve years later our Corps and Security Forces continue with the same problems when it comes to fighting the mafias that are dedicated to drug trafficking in the area.

"We cannot allow drug gangs, harassed by the Security Forces, to take over this area, knowing that Sanlúcar is a very weak point of security, and an excellent alternative route to introduce drugs from Morocco into Spain ”, lamented Benito Morillo.

To conclude, the deputy has announced that VOX will contact his colleagues in the Interior Committee in the Congress of Deputies to urge the Central Government to take the necessary measures to provide resources to the units assigned in the area and that Sanlúcar be incorporated as an area of ​​special singularity.

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