Benito Morillo, VOX regional parliamentarian for Jaén, has asked the Minister of the Presidency, Public Administrations and the Interior, Elías Bendodo, how the Government of the Junta de Andalucía plans to face the migratory pressure suffered by Andalusia and the dispersal plan of Fernando Grande -Marlaska, criticizing that the Board is, he assures, "looking the other way."

Morillo reminded the counselor that "one of the most affected autonomous communities is Andalusia, where more than 10,000 immigrants have already arrived on our shores in an irregular manner, only the Canary Islands surpass us, which already exceeds the barrier of 21,000 arrivals, 880% with respect to to previous data according to the Ministry of the Interior.

“We see with amazement how the Government of the Junta, once again, disappoints us, the flights continue to arrive and the Junta continues to look the other way. While the Spaniards have fundamental rights and freedoms cut off, these immigrants swarm throughout the national territory without any control. Morillo concluded, who closed his speech by asking that the Immigration Law be complied with.

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