Benzema: "Everything that revolves around the Champions League is incredible"

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INTERVIEW | 2/23/2020

"The City is a great team and will be a close match, but our plan is to always win," he said in an interview with UEFA media.

The Real Madrid he plays on Wednesday against Manchester City the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League (21:00 h; Movistar Champions League). In an interview with the official UEFA media, Karim Benzema He reviewed his career as a Real Madrid player and talked about what this competition means for him: “Everything that revolves around the Champions League is incredible. Emotions are different and there is more pressure. You can never know if you are at the highest point of your career because one is always looking for perfection. In Real Madrid we have to win everything ”.

  1. 11 years ago he arrived in Madrid. How does it feel to have been in such a fantastic club for so long?

    I am happy and proud. There are difficult times, but it is part of my career. I think about when I started in 2009 and all the way so far, all the games I've had the opportunity to play in this club, the best in the world, and in a fabulous stadium. I am very proud and I hope it lasts.

  2. What does the Champions League mean for Benzema?

    It means a lot. There is something different around her. The emotions are different and I don't know, it is quite natural to want to give more. It's not that you give less in other competitions, but there's something else in the Champions League. I do not know what it is. Everything that revolves around the Champions League is incredible and there is more pressure.

  3. In the round of 16 they face Manchester City. What do you think of this team?

    The City is a great team with an excellent coach. It is a very skilled team and does not refuse to pass the ball. It will be a matched match. Our plan is to win, always. Obviously we analyze the opponent, but we focus on us mainly.

  4. We have the impression that Benzema, like wine, the older he gets, the better.

    I always work hard. Physically I feel really good, I feel fit. I usually go to the gym and in the countryside I enjoy it immensely. In recent years I have scored a few goals. I also give some assistance and that is very good. I like my team and that is what I like about football: doing my best on the field to help win.

  5. Do you think this season is one of the best of his career?

    You can never know if you are at the highest point of your career, because one is always looking for perfection. But I have reached a very high level and, even so, I look even more because I know I have the opportunity to reach higher.

  6. How do you constantly be looking for a little more?

    That is the work that is not seen. That is all that happens outside the field, whether resting, working or eating the right food. In the field everyone has their qualities, their unique talent. We all work differently and, outside the field, you can work on your game.

  7. What is the goal this season?

    In Real Madrid the goal is to try to win everything. Don't even try, we have to win everything. That said, you need luck on your side, you must be in top form at the right time. I cannot say that it feels good to lose, but doing so allows you to question yourself and gives you extra motivation to reach higher levels. This year we want to achieve something good, both in the League and in the Champions League.

  8. After almost 11 years at Real Madrid, do you think you now have the status of a leader and that you are an example for young soccer players?

    Becoming a leader comes naturally, because right now I am the third Real Madrid captain. I have lived here a lot every year, I fight for my position, I fight to be in the starting eleven and help my team. As I always say, my role is to help my teammates when we are fighting in the field and promoting them. That is what I do and I am very happy about it.

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