Benzema's goals and assists this season

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NEWS | 11/22/2019

The French striker has 11 goals and 5 goal passes in 15 games.

Karim Benzema He is signing a sensational start to the season. His numbers in the 15 games he has played confirm his importance in the Madrid attack: he already has eleven goals and five goal passes. In fact, it is the top white filmmaker and is tied with Carvajal As the best assistant.

Nine of the goals of Benzema have arrived in League: Celta, Valladolid, Levante (2), Seville, Granada, Leganés and Éibar (2). The other two got them in the last game of Champions before the Galatasaray. Regarding his assists, he adds three in the League (a Lucas Vázquez before Celta and to Rodrygo and Kroos against Leganés) and two in the Champions League (a Bouquets against the Bruges and to Rodrygo before the Galatasaray).

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