Francisco Bernabé

"Each delay of the Government of Spain involves the annual loss of 300 million euros and the generation of 700 direct jobs," he stressed

A motion to promote the execution of the AVE and the Mediterranean Corridor to Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca has been debated in the Senate.

The senator of the PP for Murcia, Francisco Bernabé, stated today that "the PSOE of Sánchez has once again condemned the Murcia Region to more years of delay, for not betting on a definitive boost of the AVE and the Mediterranean Corridor" and "In this way, knock down the definitive advance of the railway networks by not committing to set arrival dates in our community." These statements have been made after the debate of the motion that the PP has raised to the Upper House to promote the execution of the layout of the high-speed rail lines in all its sections in the Region of Murcia, in particular with regard to its arrival in the cities of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca, as well as the culmination of the Totana variant. To the text of the PP, the PSOE has presented an amendment with which "Sánchez completely abandons his commitment to the definitive advancement of High Speed ​​in the Region, by deleting the references of deadlines for the execution of projects from the text of the motion" . During his defense, the spokesman for the PP's Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda Commission regretted that the PSOE was punishing the Region again with non-compliance with the deadlines that were already defined by the popular government. “The arrival of the AVE to the city of Murcia was set in 2018, through a provisional route while the underground works were being completed; In 2021, Cartagena would have seen the arrival of the AVE, through a third line of mixed use from Murcia, simultaneously so that the Mediterranean Corridor for goods arrived at the same time at one of the most important ports in Spain; and in 2023 the railway connection between the Levant and Andalusia would have been recovered through Lorca ”, Bernabé stressed. However, "the Government of Sánchez has been the one that decided to break with the immediate advancement of rail communications in the Region," the senator has clarified, who has blamed this situation on "Ábalos for being the man who has given the most dates of arrival of the AVE to Murcia what versions of the Delcy case gave ”; to Pedro Saura because, “instead of betting on his Region, all he has done is punish it”; and Diego Conesa because "he is incapable of thinking about the general interest of his neighbors and is installed in the worse, the better, thinking illusively that this is how he is going to take the presidency of the Region from Fernando López Miras."


"Each delay of the Government of Spain means the loss of 300 million euros and the generation of 700 direct jobs, according to the report prepared by the University of Murcia and the College of Economists and, given the current situation, continue to expect this prosperity At least three years is something that cannot be renounced ”, stressed Bernabé, who recalled that the routes between Alicante and Murcia have been completed for more than two years and nothing prevents the AVE from reaching the surface while the burial is completed, as had planned the PP. The senator has argued that Murcia needs the AVE now because it is the seventh largest city in Spain and the capital of a Region in which one and a half million people live, which “we see how the AVE has already reached almost 30 provincial capitals , bringing prosperity, work and wealth to all of them, while here we continue to be punished only because a political party other than Pedro Sánchez governs ”.


The senator has called “incomprehensible” the announcement of the cancellation of the Cartagena project “a decision that will imply a monumental delay that will cause the High Speed ​​to not reach the city until 2027, despite having the fourth most important port in Spain, and being one of the 20 most important cities in Spain.

Likewise, he stressed that it is not understood how all the high-speed sections between Murcia and Almería have been tendered, except for the urban integration of the Lorca roads, which makes the city now the bottleneck for development of this great infrastructure solely because of the political will of the PSOE-PODEMOS Government.

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