Bilbao is among the 10 smartest cities in the world, according to the SCI 2019 index published by the Smart City Observatory of the IMD World Competitiveness Center, in collaboration with the University of Technology and Design from Singapore, SUTD. Specifically, the city 0occupies the ninth place in this ranking that classifies 102 cities around the world.

The SCI index is based on a survey that collects the perception of the inhabitants of each city about the urban environment and the available services related to intelligent technologies to improve the lives of citizens. The study focuses on how citizens perceive the scope and impact of efforts to make their cities smart, balancing economic and technological aspects with human dimensions.

Aspects such as quality of life, including the environment, security, access to health and education services, but also mobility and social interaction, are part of the questionnaire.

The 10 smartest cities in 2019, according to the IMD survey are, in this order, Singapore, Zurich, Oslo, Geneva, Copenhagen, Auckland, Taipei, Helsinki, Bilbao and Dusseldorf, although citizens' concerns and aspirations vary widely depending on the culture and socio-economic environments.

The survey shows that a major obstacle to the growth of smart cities is the gap between the priorities of municipal authorities and those of their citizens, and in many cases, advanced online services are theoretically available to citizens, but they are too complicated or little publicized, which prevents satisfying a critical mass of users. It also highlights the need for these services to take citizens' priorities more into account.

The SCI aims to become a reference and an action tool to build more inclusive and dynamic cities.

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