Small and medium-sized businesses expect a slight year-on-year increase in sales on sales, of around 2% with respect to the same month last year, although the self-employed in the sector are increasingly aware of the loss of strength of this period, which before could account for more than 40% of sales throughout the year.

The president of the Spanish Confederation of CommercePedro Campo, affirms that “since the liberalization of 2012 we have been checking how the sales campaigns have lost more and more strength, so we ask the next Government to give this matter the highest priority or, at least, configure the working table to deal with this issue, as planned by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in operation ”.

Constant discounts, changing consumer habits and the rise of Internet sales have completely reconfigured the business calendar In our country. Specifically, the strength of the Black Friday campaign in November has changed the dynamics of Christmas and Kings, as well as the sales.

Sales in November experienced an outstanding rebound, although it is foreseeable that this will result in a direct loss of strength of the Christmas and Kings campaigns, following the dynamics of what happened last year, when the increase in sales in November resulted in a flat growth in December and a rebound of only 0.5% of sales in the sales campaign. "This year we hope that the January sales will serve in the proximity trade to reach, at least, the objective with which they were created: to allow the remaining stock of the previous seasons to be released."

The president of the Spanish Confederation of Commerce, Pedro Campo, does not hesitate to affirm that the meaning of the sales has been completely lost. In addition, he says, "the consumer perceives the message that he no longer has to wait for sales to find the products he needs cheaper, but can buy them at any other time." A perception, says Campo, which is often wrong, since, as reflected in a recent study, only one in 10 products lowered its price during the past Black Friday.

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