The VOX spokesperson at the General Meeting of the Principality, Ignacio Blanco, referred today to the measures “imposed” by the President of the Principality, Adrián Barbón, on Asturians “at the blow of BOPA (Official Gazette of the Principality of Asturias) and completely disproportionate, which will not end the pandemic, as the confinement in March did not, with the sole purpose of punishing Asturians and continuing to project their image ”.
In the opinion of the VOX spokesperson, once again, the PSOE Government “adopts improvised measures that come into force a few hours after their publication, generating insecurity in citizens and putting at serious risk the economy of Asturias, already hit after years of policies of the PSOE and that now with the terrible management of the coronavirus of the Barbón Government, more concerned in its marketing campaign, receives its final blow ". For this reason, Ignacio Blanco has insisted that "VOX will demand once again the scientific and health criteria that endorse the measures implemented by the PSOE government and will evaluate their proportionality in the face of the claims it deems appropriate." In this sense, the spokesman considers that "the adoption of measures so restrictive for fundamental rights and so damaging to sectors such as the hotel and trade sector requires a detailed study where there is no room for improvisation or the effect of populist measures."
Finally, Blanco has referred to the "catastrophic management" of Barbón and his team that has caused, for example, in the health field "complaints from patients who have to make dozens of calls to contact primary care, the chaos of Area V, as well as the very serious failures in the management that have led the Personnel Board to demand the resignation of the Cabueñes manager, among many other complaints "which, without a doubt, the spokesman continues," show that the 'miracle' never existed Barbón 'and that socialist complacency has led us to the current situation ”, he concludes.

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