The spokesman and deputy of VOX Asturias, Ignacio Blanco, has indicated this afternoon at the appearance of the Follow-up Working Group of COVID-19 of the Minister of Rural Development, Agro-Livestock and Fisheries "another proof of the lack of anticipation of the Principality" already that "despite having at his disposal the Animal Health laboratories, facilities susceptible to performing PCR, the counselor confirmed to us today after our questions that not a single test has been carried out." In Ignacio Blanco's opinion, it is once again a matter of the lack of foresight of the regional Executive, since "with a slight training, these facilities could be used, which would increase the number of PCR tests in our region."
Also, the spokesman has asked the head of the department if he has requested the Ministry of Industry to modify the aid of 400 euros provided for in Decree 12/2020 of April 8 "as it leaves out a large number of autonomous professionals in the sector " In addition, Blanco has been interested in whether he currently has an estimate of how confinement measures are affecting a sector highly dependent on the hospitality industry, such as, for example, cider, as well as all those who sell their products mainly. to restoration. "We regret that, as occurs in other councils, it does not have a contingency plan either and we urge that it be prepared urgently and that the Ministry of Industry and Finance require financial support to help these self-employed and SMEs that also in rural areas They are having very serious economic problems ”, criticizes the spokesman.
Finally, Ignacio Blanco asked if there is any forecast of when the livestock markets will be able to recover their activity “since there are a large number of calves born in the months of January and February, which will join the spring calves and will need to have a quick exit ”, as well as the situation in which the application of Royal Decree-Law 5/2020, of February 25, is found, by which certain urgent measures are adopted in the field of agriculture and food. "Without functioning markets that mark the price of the sale of these animals, and without the actual application of the measures of the decree, the sale to livestock dealers can end up registering very serious problems that would degrade the value chain that the Royal Decree Law should protect, that was born with an urgent and urgent nature. Today is the time to bet on the field, but when will it be? ”, The spokesperson concludes.

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