This afternoon, the spokesman and deputy of VOX in the General Meeting, Ignacio Blanco, asked the Minister of Industry, Employment and Economic Promotion to prepare a contingency plan for the effects of COVID-19 to strengthen economic activity once it is overcome. the health crisis. Ignacio Blanco has conveyed to the head of the area the proposal to anticipate the economic consequences that the pandemic will cause in Asturias during the telematic meeting held by the Working Group to monitor and control the coronavirus. “We regret that the director and his team are no longer working to foresee the situation in the face of the strong economic crisis that is coming upon us and that it may occur as with decarbonisation, which took us all by surprise. We know that there will be a crisis and the Principality must already be working on it. We recall that, without leaving the support that we understand in this exceptional situation to the Ministry of Health, the role of Industry, Employment and Economic Promotion is not to deal with health, which on the other hand is disastrous. Spain is already the country in the world with the highest rate of contagion and Asturias doubles the rate of contagion in Germany or France or triples that of the United Kingdom, or in our region it has the highest rate of contagion of toilets in Spain, "says Blanco .
In this sense, added the spokesperson, "our request is even more urgent when the counselor has told us that there have been many Asturian companies that, despite being declared essential in the Royal Decree, have informed them that they will have serious problems with severe continuity because, among other cases, their customers are not considered essential and, therefore, they have no one to sell their product to. ”
Likewise, during the appearance, Ignacio Blanco was interested in the situation of the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTEs) presented in Asturias. “Taking into account the data that they have offered us from the Ministry, if on March 31 the number of files amounts to 9,170 of which 2,289 have been processed that are already affecting 7,940 workers, we estimate that among the unemployed and affected workers for the ERTEs we have in Asturias 33,000 more people collecting unemployment in the month of March alone. With the data that we have known today, the figure would exceed 100,000 people, "stressed the spokesman. For this reason, "he continues," we miss that the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Economic Promotion is already working on a contingency plan. "

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