The spokesperson and deputy of VOX in the General Meeting, Ignacio Blanco, in the ‘Questions to the President’ turn that took place today in the Plenary of the General Meeting of the Principality formulated the following question:
Was the decision to delay the school year yours or that of the Minister of Education?
And then he made the following intervention:
President of the Principality, allow me to recommend a reading to you and your Minister of Education, although I think it is your bedside book 'The theory of chaos: the laws of the unpredictable' by Alberto Pérez Izquierdo, I recommend reading it because you could not start the school year worse for students, families and teachers, and despite being very imaginative, you have surprised me again, you have exceeded all my expectations, about chaos and improvisation. You can not do worse. Announcing the delay of the course only 13 days in advance is nonsense. They did not even give the 15-day notice that social legislation imposes on you. Families receive 13 days' notice. It is certainly unacceptable and I still don't know who recommended the delay in the school year, if it was a committee of non-existent experts, those ghost committees that are so abundant in socialism, at least in Madrid. Can you guarantee us that the course will start on the 22nd or are you not sure?
His obsession with maintaining his COVID-19 statistics, that gigantic marketing campaign, which subordinates any other collective interest to Asturias not being the first community with an outbreak in a school. With this delay, if it was not the Minister of Education, I want to apologize because I asked for your dismissal for that reason, you are only responding to keep your image as a clean record in the coronavirus. Asturias is the autonomous community in which classes begin later when you were boasting of being the autonomous community with the least contagion. What would have happened to the school year if we had been the autonomous community with the most infections? Would the school year have been directly abolished? They are very strange decisions. A decision that is not due to the intention of protecting students and teachers. The delay in the school year is a combination of improvisation, lack of anticipation and above all his strategy to wait until the first outbreaks in schools do not occur in Asturias.
It has already succeeded, there have already been classrooms closings in Seville, Valencia, Navarra, Madrid, Catalonia, even the Infanta Leonor's classroom has had to be confined. But in Asturias the schools are still closed to the greater glory of our president. Children from all over Spain can go to school, but those of Asturians cannot, to keep the record of Adrián Barbón.
Keep your file pristine at the expense of reconciling the families. The president who has ever attacked her the most. At the expense of training children, delegating responsibility to teachers and principals, and at the expense of counseling positions. Two positions of trust and responsibility in the education department have resigned. Two fuses so that the entire electrical panel of your counseling does not collapse and you have to dismiss your counselor. I don't know how many more people are going to burn in the counseling. How many more people are they going to scorch with their own decisions? He has left the paper on the centers, they are the directors who have to stockpile gels and security measures, and now it turns out that he asks them to make a plan to face a possible confinement. And what else? What is the use of having counseling?
And answer me also to something very simple, why have the private company and the private schools opened on time on the 10th and the dependents of the counseling not? Is this how they boast of management from the public with a counseling budget of almost 700 million? That is the public management they boast about. in which private companies can start schools on time and you cannot.
It would be highly recommended that they abandon the arrogance of the position and learn to anticipate problems as is done in the company. He talks about his fantastic management of the crisis, but where they really have direct management capacity, infections in toilets, COVID-19 incidence in public residences and education management, they are a disaster.
It was you who said that you were late for doing PCR tests, but you like me, as your counselor and you have confirmed this to me today, we already know that no, that was not the reason. Well, two of the three calls for reinforcement of personnel were scheduled for after the start of the school year on September 10. How were classes going to start if they weren't planning on recruiting teachers yet? The PCRs were an excuse and they were because VOX brought here a proposal to carry out PCR to hospitality and they said no because you here said that it did not provide any security in the Hospitality premises, and you voted against when VOX proposed it, which also proposed a test every 15 days for two months in summer. Not one as they propose now for teachers. And they said that it was useless, that it did not serve to provide security. It wasn't the PCR tests that caused the delay, it was their improvisation, and it was their continuing to exploit their marketing campaign. His reputation is set COVID to the detriment of the entire educational community and their families.
Theirs, the decision to delay the school year is possibly the biggest attack on the family conciliation that an Asturian politician has carried out.
Even if you do not have children, put yourself in the situation of a family with children in kindergarten or primary school.Does it seem fair and appropriate that working parents, who have acted as tutors, teachers and companions throughout the period of confinement and subsequent vacations, have to live with permanent stress derived from their last minute occurrences? Do you know the problems and inconveniences that these arbitrary decisions have caused them? You have disposed of the lives of all those Asturians for your benefit. Because the only beneficiary of the delay in the school year is you. Think about it, there is no one else who has benefited. His counselor scorched already, with school delay; parents juggling to have their children at home. In addition, you know as I do, that not all families have the means to be able to leave their children in charge, and above all it affects those families that have fewer resources, who will leave with the Güelinos that you want to protect so much.
No one has benefited. Only you and in maintenance of your image. How is it possible that Asturias, with what you presume that low incidence of coronavirus is the last community to start classes? No one understands it unless it is due to a mere marketing strategy to continue keeping Asturias subject to the image of its president, which is what we are experiencing. The entire region governed based on the criteria of a single problem, a big problem, but Asturias has more problems. And please stop that marketing campaign because it is hurting all Asturians.
President, stop thinking so much about yourself and think more about Asturians.
Thank you very much.

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