The Autonomous Community of Murcia, like the rest of the Spanish autonomies, is configured as a kind of republican regime with claims of despotic power. Times of crisis are preferred for this type of satrapies because they can display a control that is not possible in normal times.

López Miras is excited about this Chinese virus pandemic. He puts himself at the forefront of "a great conflict" to prove his worth as a boss. He wants to appear to be the visionary leader who takes the lead where other local chieftains lag further behind in their career to nowhere.

But the recipe for regional solutions is very poor for an epidemic that exceeds its capabilities. And since the Murcian autonomy does not have a laboratory to design vaccines, nor a robust health system to attend to cases, the simplest measure is the "bolt for all."

The bolt consists of ending basic freedoms under the pretext of health or any other excuse. And with this mallet in hand, the lack of effective solutions is resolved by beating down the rights achieved by the people with work and effort.
The cerrojazo is the recipe for the Region of Murcia, it is the meat pie that everyone must swallow. That the Minor does not work, bolt to agriculture. That health does not work, bolt to the hospitality. It is the same doctrine that the social-communist government applies in other matters: in the face of uncontrolled immigration, blocking the CIES, in the face of school failure, blocking the private and subsidized centers.

In the Region of Murcia and in Spain we have a cancellation and closure policy. Also exchange of budget items for constitutional values. What López Miras has done with the hospitality industry is to be sold as a necessary sacrifice, but it is a great lie.

It is not the fault of bars and restaurants that SMS has no means or staff to protect us from the Chinese virus. The closure decreed, alleging the incompetence of the person in charge, creates a situation of intolerable institutional robbery. It is the consummate expropriation of the right to work, the prohibition of maintaining business initiatives achieved through family effort for generations.

It is curious that López Miras has enjoyed the blind consensus that is usual in the Region of Murcia. All but VOX have endorsed it. We have been at the side of the industry and the workers of the hospitality sector. But this consensus of economic closure is incapable of perceiving reality, it does not adhere to the data and is formulated with its back to more friendly solutions for work and business creation.

Taking advantage of this attack on the hospitality industry, the PP has had the audacity to propose a legal change that allows the regional presidents to order massive closures without the need for a state of alarm. Regional barons enjoy exceptional powers. They have been used illegally since the beginning of the pandemic. It is clear that our Autonomous Community needs another orientation.

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