After the support of the Bloc to independence: “Let no one fool himself. Let no one regret tomorrow for not being up to date, that is why it is so important to join the vote ”

The president of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community, Isabel Bonig, has affirmed today that “or the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, breaks with his Bloc-Compromís partners or only he will be responsible for the separatist drift of the Valencian Community” .

Bonig has pronounced like this in the XIV Interparliamentary that is celebrated today in Sant Vicent del Raspeig, with representatives of the Popular Party of all Spain and with the assistance of the national president, Pablo Casado.

The popular president has explained that the Valencian Community "has been traveling for four years of the Government of the Botanic along the same road that began Catalonia 20 years ago." “Only the PPCV has been on the side of the Valencians defending them in the street and in the courts, defending a positive integrative Valencianism, which is not opposed to Spain, defending freedom for parents to choose the education of their children. We have been alone before a sectarian government that wants to corner those who do not think like them, ”he said.

Bonig has indicated that a week ago “there was a significant change, because the Bloc, which maintains the Government of Puig and holds the Presidency of Les Corts and whose hands are the education of the children of the Valencian Community, approved a resolution that He says he is in favor of the right to decide, of the self-determination of Catauña and the Valencian Community, of the amnesty and of the Països Catalans ”. “That nobody be fooled, they have taken off the mask, that nobody regrets tomorrow for not being up to date, that is why it is so important to unite the vote and denounce that Valencian nationalism has been and will always be separatist, now they have recognized it ”, He has alerted.

Therefore, the president of the PPCV has indicated that “after this declaration of the Bloc and that the vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, said that the Criminal Code must be changed to eliminate the crime of sedition, Puig has no excuses to break his Government". “It supports its Presidency in the support of the extreme left of Podemos and with the nationalist-separatists of Compromís. He and only he is responsible for the Valencian education being in the hands of Compromís, only he is responsible for watering secessionist entities with public money. The equidistance time is no longer valid, it is time to take a stand and that is why I tell Puig that he breaks up with his Bloc-Compromis partners or only he will be responsible for the separatist drift, ”he added.

Bonig has made a recognition of the Constitution of 78, which he said is "the story of a collective success of a great nation." “There have been many occasions with the Spaniards faced, but the Constitution of 78 is the same as our motto says today: everything that unites us. It represents us all because we all fit into it. The concord was possible in the Constitution of 78, and I believe that we must make a public and explicit recognition of the Spaniards who gave their work, their effort and their life for a common Spain. The constitution has given us our best years. ”

Puig worried

In addition, Bonig has affirmed that the Government of Puig “faces the legislature in the worst way, with defaults, with social cuts and the investigation that several courts are doing to the public aid that companies have received from their brothers. And he has reason to be worried, ”he added.

The president of the PPCV has criticized the change of position of the Socialists and especially Puig in issues such as the re-division of the change in the financing model. “What used to be continuous claims to the PP for the financing model, what were loans like the FLA today is a light. Puig's voice broke from using it against the PP. Sanchez was arriving and Puig fell silent, the problem of financing Valencians is over. And now his new tactic is to attack the autonomous communities, mainly those governed by the PP, where there is good management and taxes are lowered. ”

“Now says Puig says that the autonomous regions that lower taxes do tax dumping and are antipatriotic. But to be antipatriot is to have spent the whole summer plugging in 330 people in their administration, exponentially increasing aid to their brothers' companies and separatist entities instead of allocating money to end health waiting lists and improve The education. And now, after doing this, he asks all Valencians for cuts in rights. From here I tell you that the PPCV will not allow it. Before cutting a single right of the Valencians, it is necessary to cut the privileges of the Consell ”, he stressed.

Finally, Bonig has claimed the right of all political representatives to be heard. “Too many times the PP has been denied the right to be heard. In this low-quality policy in which we live, everything focuses on personal attack to avoid the confrontation of ideas. When they deny us the right to be heard they dirty who we are, but the PPCV does not give up, it will fight to be heard and that everyone is heard. "

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