These accounts "are a shame" because the health budget falls to 472 million and the items for dependents are frozen "

The President of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community, Isabel Bonig, said today that the Budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana (PGV) are those of social cuts because the investment falls 4.35% and only taxes grow by 234 million taxes and expense for high charges and plugged in.

Bonig has warned that these accounts cut in social areas since their weight is today 4 points below the last budget prepared by the PP when it was almost 87% while in 2020 it barely reaches 82.7%. "And all this, despite having 6,000 million more than the PP," he explained.

In this sense, he pointed out that in these Budgets there are "winners and losers: Compromís has been the winner and the losers have been all Valencians, Alicante and Castellón."

The President of the PPCV has referred in this way to the presentation of the draft PGV, during the visit she has made to Benidorm with the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, the heads of the list to Congress and the Senate and the mayor of the town, Toni Pérez.

It is a project that includes a 4% drop in investment, taking into account that in 2019 50% of planned investments were not executed. Thus, only taxes on Valencians rise by 234 million euros, which means that since Ximo Puig governs, the tax burden in the Community has increased 3.3 billion euros more.

"These are budgets that consolidate social cuts and already draw 472 million euros less for Valencian Health when waiting lists have become the second problem for citizens," he denounced.

“They are a shame: there is no investment to finish the barracks, the investment in the Unit is frozen and the only thing that goes up is the expenses in high positions and plugged in, since the presidential payroll expenses go up to 16%, scandalous”, He has criticized.

Regarding the policies to combat climate change, he has denounced that of the 44 million to distribute only 15 go to pay high positions and "plug in theirs. In this line, Isabel Bonig has criticized that these Budgets are" those of disobedience ”Because they include 1,300 million dummy again, despite the indications of the Ministry of Finance, which in the end translates into social cuts and less rights for Valencians.

Regarding the news that affects the Ford factory in Almussafes, Bonig wanted to be “prudent” but “if it is confirmed that 90% of the production goes to the United States it is an economic blow not only for the province of Valencia but for the Valencian Community and for Spain of very important dimensions ”.

Thus, he pointed out that "we must work" so that they do not go for that, we ask Mr. Ximo Puig and Pedro Sánchez to do something. " Bonig has pointed out that "in the economy frivolity is paid, and legal instability, and economic instability and advertisements that do not go anywhere show that some parties put their interests above the interests of the Spaniards."

"We need stability, and that stability will only come from the hand of Pablo Casado and the PP," he said.

Regarding the news referring to the Anti-Corruption decision to assume the investigation of President Puig's brother for receiving subsidies in an apparently irregular way, Bonig has urged Puig himself and Pedro Sánchez to give explanations. "From the Popular Party we are still waiting for the President of political explanations with the latest data that we know about different administrations."

Therefore, he has encouraged Sánchez to take advantage of his visit to Valencia to ask Puig for explanations "to see if he has more luck than the Popular Party and that all Valencians."

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