La presidenta del PP de la Comunidad Valenciana, Isabel Bonig

The spokeswoman for the Popular Parliamentary Group in Les Corts, Isabel Bonig, said that "Puig is not an exhausted president but expired, because this government does nothing anymore."

"In just nine months this Consell has broken the record," he said. “There is not a single department that does not have any mess. This Consell lacks pulse, muscle, and political action. There is only much ximosanuncio, but lacking content. While they are dedicated to travel, the Valencians wait. Endless health waiting lists despite the fact that they are made up, we are still waiting for the surroundings and they are no longer heard claiming, the aid of the field that they promised and do not arrive, the investments in the Valencian coast that do not arrive, the change of model of financing and the VAT claim that has disappeared from the political argument … ”

The popular leader has pointed out that “while they do nothing and only talk about corruption cases of twenty years ago, and do not want to talk about the twenty investigations opened by their brothers' companies, for the aid received without justification , for collecting subsidies from Labora to hire staff and who have gone to different purposes and know who, for falsifying hearings … and despite everything, they have done nothing. That's his problem. Their problem is summed up in the phrase "when Ximo governs we are going to cover ourselves". As much as they tangle and pick up the phone, the truth always comes to light. Sánchez is going to put money in the budgets for the Barcelona commuter plan and for the Port of Barcelona. Meanwhile, the one in Valencia, forgotten. There are thousands of Valencians who will not be able to access the public service due to the linguistic requirement. They have nothing to say to the unemployed, to the dependents who do not charge, to the 9,000 employees of the special employment centers that do not charge while creating more advisors, only 25 in the Presidency. ”

Isabel Bonig has pointed out that “this Consell has lived on income but when the inertia is over it is evident that they have no project. Puig has lowered his arms and at the Consell everyone does what he wants. Puig talks about dialogue and consensus with everyone except the PP. Since 2016 we are offering pacts. A pact for multilingualism, for financing, to change the financing model. You despise me but nothing happens. The PP does what Puig should do as president and does not. Take advantage of the political situation, claim something from the government of Sanchez, something, even if only a little.

Finally, Bonig has indicated that “Puig is not an exhausted president but expired because this government does nothing anymore. The legislature is over. It will pass for months but it will not solve the problems of the Valencians. We want to make a Valencian Community beg for a Valencian Community lady, who knows how to demand and claim. It is only the PP who can get it because he knows, wants and can ”.

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