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The Valle-Inclán Theater has hosted this morning the presentation of ‘Arriba el curtain’, a digital publication with which the Documentation Center for the Performing Arts and Music (CDAEM) will show, in an informative and entertaining way, the work processes of theatrical creation, from its creative germ to its result on stage.

This proposal is aimed at all types of audiences, with special emphasis on the educational community. Thus, both professors and researchers will have a powerful pedagogical tool that shows in detail the processes around the staging of different theatrical productions.

The first edition of ‘Arriba el curtain’ -which will have a biannual periodicity- is dedicated to The cherry garden, by Anton Chekhov, and detailed in detail the montage directed by Ernesto Caballero and premiered at the Teatro Valle-Inclán in February 2019.

Thus, this first monograph is now available, which includes a 96-minute documentary and 33 interviews with the cast and the artistic, technical and manager team. The cherry garden:

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